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Globe Telecom to remove the 1GB/day and 3GB/month limit from your Unlimited Data plan. It is nowhere near the word "unlimited" that you are marketing.

At this time of Information Age, mobile data plans are no longer used just for emails, browsing, and search activities.* With the 3G and LTE networks you have, phones can do more than just browsing. You even offered top of the line phones that are capable of high-speed data transfer. With high-speed data transfer comes high data transfer. Limiting your high-speed data transfer to only 1GB/day and 3GB/month for postpaid subscribers is a big low-blow to consumers that are expecting the "Unlimited Data Plan" that you offered. We believe that going beyond 3GB is not an abuse, but rather maximizing the capabilities of your network and the mobile device as well. Remove the data cap and let your paying subscribers enjoy high-speed Internet without limits, as you have marketed.


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