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Global Nuclear Disarmament - Malta

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If you believe in global nuclear disarmament then please sign the petition and help this important cause which is also being promoted by the United Nations.  If you are not sure, then please read the information provided further below.  Already a million people around the world have signed a similar petition promoted by the Mayors of 5,400 cities, including Valletta!  Malta is already a founding member of the 2011 Vienna Declaration Alliance against nuclear power.  The United Nations is calling for a Nuclear Convention as a next step towards disarmament.  This petition calls on Malta’s political leaders to work more proactively towards nuclear weapons disarmament, to give ourselves and the world a safer future.  By signing you will be agreeing to the following: 

We the undersigned Maltese citizens and residents make the following request to the President, Hon. Ministers and Members of the Parliament of Malta: 

•        To ensure that no city will ever again be destroyed by a nuclear weapon, Start Negotiations Now! on a nuclear weapons convention!

•        To free innocent children and global citizens from the threat of nuclear weapons, Start Negotiations Now! for a nuclear‐weapon‐free world by 2020!

•        Do not allow war and do not target any city or civilian! Cities Are Not Targets!

•        For the Government of Malta to make ending the nuclear threat a top national priority, to be brought up on all appropriate occasions (examples include in international fora and whenever a Foreign Minister or Head of State visits). 


Background Information

We call upon Maltese Citizens and Residents to support this petition to the President and Parliament of Malta.  Nuclear disarmament is important to you and future generations because nuclear war is a real existential threat.

Existential threats are those that have the potential to destroy, or drastically restrict, human civilization; could cause human extinction; or even cause the end of the Earth.  

Israel is currently considering a war against Iran because it believes the Iran nuclear program is an existential threat to Israel.  However, nuclear weapons also travel the world in aircraft and submarines.  So nuclear bombs could be near by at any time, and could themselves be targets of attack.  Even if the nearest nuclear bomb is a thousand miles away, the fallout from a nuclear war is a real existential threat to everyone, including Malta. 

As we are a small population, it only takes a relatively few supporters to make “ending the nuclear threat” an important national priority.  So you can help! 

Malta will become a catalyst supporting global change, just like we did in 1945 when Malta was chosen as the venue for an important meeting between US President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, prior to their meeting with Joseph Stalin at Yalta.  Another example is when George H. W. Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev chose Malta as the site for their 1989 Summit, an event that is often said to mark the end of the Cold War.   News reports referred to the Malta Summit as the most important since 1945’s Yalta Conference.  Now, once again, Malta can play a key role in the world, this time by adding its voice to the call for a safer world for all through the eradication of Nuclear Weapons globally.  We are not alone in this endeavor.

Malta is an ideal candidate to be the catalyst for global change in a way that is not possible in the large nuclear powers. 

The clear stance of the Government of Malta and the influence of the Catholic Church in Malta provide solid foundations to build on.  In 2010, Malta’s then Hon. Ambassador to the UN Saviour F. Borg proclaimed, “All delegations should aim to achieve the overall objective of a world free from nuclear weapons. No efforts for this objective should be spared.”  In his 2009 World Day of Peace Message, Pope Benedict XVI declared, “What can be said, too, about those governments which count on nuclear arms as a means of ensuring the security of their countries?  Along with countless persons of good will, one can state that this point of view is not only baneful but also completely fallacious. In a nuclear war there would be no victors, only victims.

Malta’s avowed neutrality is also an extremely strong asset.  The Constitution declares that “Malta is a neutral state actively pursuing peace, security and social progress among all nations by adhering to a policy of non-alignment and refusing to participate in any military alliance.

What better way to actively pursue peace and security than to act as a catalyst for nuclear disarmament?

By definition, nuclear disarmament will require the participation of the nuclear powers.  Unfortunately history shows that leaving that process solely in their hands is unlikely to succeed.

We are convinced that what, at first, might make Malta seem unsuitable for such an exalted role – its small size, its lack of nuclear weapons, and its stated policy of neutrality – are key advantages when one looks at the goal as the end point in a process consisting of many steps.   

Malta is unsuitable as the lead actor later in the process, but is an ideal candidate for starting and hosting it, just as we hosted Roosevelt and Churchill to help end the Second World War, and later Bush and Gorbachev to help end the Cold War.

Leaving nuclear disarmament to the major powers is unlikely to succeed because: 

•        They are heavily invested in the myth that nuclear weapons are essential to their national security.

•        They fear economic dislocations to their large military-industrial complexes.  If they gave up their nuclear weapons, any nation that cheated and developed one might be perceived to have a military advantage.

Malta suffers from none of the above psychological barriers, yet has an existential stake in avoiding a nuclear war.  It has other advantages as well.

Malta’s small population makes it an ideal starting point.  Before most people within a population take an idea seriously, it must first reach a tipping point.  The fraction of a population which must embrace the idea to reach that point depends on a number of factors, but is on the order of 10% i.e. less than 50,000 Maltese.  Compare that to say the USA, where 10% is 30 million Americans.  Therefore it is 600 times easier to reach a tipping point in Malta, on a population basis alone.  This is why we have listed 50,000 signatures as the target for this petition!  You and only one in ten of your family or friends needs to sign for us to reach the target! 


About the organizers of this petition:

This petition is an initiative of the ICT Gozo Malta Project and it's co-founder Synaptic Laboratories Limited.

The ICT Gozo Malta Project initiates and support international collaboration on safe and secure, universally trustworthy and dependable, Information and Communication Technologies.  Today ICT is as essential as Water and Power.  The nature of our work extends from the common defense of the global cyber realm, all the way down into physical real-world systems that rely on computers to function correctly (that is: cyber-physical systems) such as nuclear power stations.  Frequently collaborating with cyber-security experts around the world, Synaptic Labs and the ICT Gozo Malta Project have produced many articles on cyber security and cyber-physical security which have been published in the "Malta Independent on Sunday".

This includes a series of newspaper articles on the subject of Malta’s current and possible future role in nuclear disarmament. The series can be viewed at ( ).


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