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Glenthorne's governors wish to introduce a smarter dress code to our 6th form.

Our governors wish for us to wear suits to school daily.

This, for many reasons, is highly impractical:

  • Many cannot afford new suits, most of which are over £100 (thought of as a 'reasonable price' by some)
  • Most suits must be dry-cleaned, which, due to daily use, can cost around £9 a week, £120 a term and a staggering £360 a year
  • Suits are highly impractical for those taking physical subjects such as dance, drama and musical theatre. Suits would be ristricting to wearers, and changing out of these suits would be a drain on lesson time
  • It is a danger when working with chemicals in lessons such as chemistry and photography; suit shirts restrict arm movement, causing spillages of irritable chemicals such as bleach to be highly probable


The idea of suits is also outdated, despite opposition believing suits to reflect a modern office environment:

  • Many modern office workers do not wear suits, contrary to the belief of our opposition
  • Suits are believed to weaken the relationship between companies and their customers; it sets them apart
  • Highly successful companies such as Google and Facebook do not have a dress code for their offices


An office environment shouldn't even be used as a template for our dress code. Glenthorne is an arts school, so the majority of students are not preparing for an office career.

Our school prides itself on celebrating difference, and we have witnessed drama pieces, dance pieces, songs, and assemblies on the matter, yet they wish us to look identical.

Their reasons for a smarter uniforms include:

  • Private and Grammar schools (Glenthorne is neither) have smart uniforms
  • They don't want Glenthorne to be the 'scruffy school'


Other schools nearby, such as Overton Grange (96% students have 3 or more a-levels), Sutton High School (100% students have 3 or more a-levels) and Greenshaw (100% students have 3 or more a-levels), have relaxed 6th form dress codes. Glenthorne was judged 'outstanding' in all five categories by Ofstead in 2012; an excellent achievement the 6th form contributed to without a strict dress code. This shows we do not need a strict dress code to achieve.

I suggest we model our 6th form dress code after Greenshaw: 

'Students are allowed to dress as they please so long as they comply with a small number of rules - no headgear inside the school, no offensive slogans/images - and exercise a modicum of common sense'

Our teachers should be able to trust us to have this common sense, instead of treating us like children. 6th form is supposed to be a more independant, adult environment. A strict dress code restricts our independance and does not make us feel like adults.

Students and parents alike do not want a smarter uniform. It is not suitable for Glenthorne high school. 

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