STOP the River Vale DEER Hunt!

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The River Vale Mayor and Council want to pass Township law to open River Vale golf courses and town owned land to deer hunting.

  • Adjacent property owners have no remedy if opposed to these deadly weapons
  • No criminal background checks are done
  • This could jeopardize your children’s and pet’s safety
  • Hunting impacts property values and has liability issues
  • Extreme cruelty to deer, ineffective, and divides the community 

FACT: Hunting does not reduce car accidents, Lyme disease, or the deer population (hunting increases fertility rates.)

Nonlethal wildlife conflict management strategies are safe, effective, and humane. They need to be implemented in River Vale. NO DEER HUNT!!!!!!

Advocating nonlethal solutions to human/animal conflicts isn’t “sentimental” – it’s forward-thinking. And it’s backed by real science.