In Sir Jim We Trust

In Sir Jim We Trust

10 August 2022
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We cannot do this alone. We need to stand UNITED

As Manchester United fans, we want Sir Jim Ratcliffe to make a hostile bid for our club.

Currently, the Glazer family owns our club. It's been well documented that they have taken billions out of our club to service their debt. They've not put a single penny into Manchester United. All of the revenue generated by Manchester United has come from sponsorship deals, ticket sales and merchandise sales. A lot funded by companies associated with United. A lot coming from the fans pockets. 

The Glazer family listed Manchester United on the New York Stock Exchange exactly 10 years ago today, 10th August 2012 for an opening price of $14 a share. 
If you invested £1000 in Manchester United shares, 10 years later, they would be worth £814. 

This shows the terrible business that the Glazer family has continued to run, not to mention the awful decisions at board level and the proposed European Super League.


On 9th August 2022, Michael Knighton spoke openly about having the funds and backers for a hostile takeover. Realistically, although we want change, we know that nothing can be done without serious investment. 
Our stadium falling behind the standard in the Premier League, our training ground needs reinvestment, the board needs completely restructured, and the recruitment division needs serious investment.

We know that the only hope we have is a local Manchester lad by the name of Sir Jim Ratcliffe. Not only does he have the funds, but he also has the club in his heart.

It is time for the fanbase to stop the infighting, stop the negativity, and start to come together to ask Sir Jim, Michael, and any other potential backer to take over Manchester United. The fans want their club back, and we think with the right person in charge, we will be able to have that. 

United needs to rise again from the ashes.  

We need support from The 1958, MUST, the Red Army, the Stetford Paddock, The United Stand, The United People's TV, The United View and all United fans from all walks of life and across the globe.  

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Signatures: 230Next Goal: 500
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