Remove "Big Bad" Commercial from TV

Remove "Big Bad" Commercial from TV

June 10, 2015
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Glaxo Smith Kline / GSK
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Started by Joe Torres

GSK's commercial is intended to raise awareness for the importance to protect children from whooping cough.  While this is a worthy effort and GSK is responsible for many exceptional and worthwhile efforts, this particular campaign needlessly demonizes wolves.   The TV commercial shows the child's grandmother transformed into a "Big Bad Wolf" and characterizes the disease as the wolf.   Wolves are already being unfairly attacked, persecuted and slaughtered due to misinformation and unfounded fears.   This commercial further adds to this ignorant fear.   The campaign to protect children is admirable and important.   However, it is environmentally and morally wrong and irresponsible to use wolves as a prop to personify evil or to prey upon parents' fear of  a disease affecting children.  

GSK performs numerous positive and remarkable charitable and humanitarian acts around the world.   In this instance, it is unfortunate that this fine company has resorted to using a tired stereotype of a much-maligned and severely persecuted animal in order to gain attention to a campaign.   This is disappointing and dangerous.

Besides signing the petition, Email & call to get GSK's attention:

Sarah Alspach
GSK Head, US Communications 

Tel 202 715 1048

Toll Free 1 888 825 5249


Petition Closed

This petition had 500 supporters

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