Cancellation of Online Exam in GLAU

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We are not in the favour of online exams because of the following reasons-

1. We dont have our laptop with us.

2. We are not prepared for the examination because there are a alot of things which are not clear to us.

3. While attending online classes there is a serious issue of voice clearity. During the lecture audio is not at all clear so we are unable to grab the words of the teacher.

4. All our study material is in the phone only and its not easy to study from phone.

We are not able to give online exams because of network issues and don't have laptop and online preparation is not enough to give the exam also we don't have proper notes of module 1 and also PDF what we have it is not possible to study from phone and many more problems.

There is serious issue of network with the students. Student have a fear of losing the internet connection during the online exam.

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