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Call on Glassons to Prevent Worker Exploitation

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In 2016, World Baptist Aid gave Glassons a C+ grade for their efforts to mitigate the risks of forced labour, child labour and worker exploitation throughout their supply chain. We believe Glassons can and should do better. We want to see Glassons achieve at least an A- rating, so we can trust that our purchases are not the result of the exploitation of others. 


  • The Living Wage

According to research by Baptist World Aid Australia, almost none of the workers within the Glassons supply chain are paid a living wage.  This is a wage necessary to meet basic needs, such as food, water, shelter, clothing, power, healthcare and education.  We believe in paying those that make our clothing fairly for the work they do.  

  • Lack of Transparency

Who made my clothes? This is a simple question.  But we can’t find the answer, because Glassons currently does not reveal its factory locations or suppliers, nor are audit reports or  wage data publicly available. We don’t even know which countries the raw materials used are sourced from.  This lack of transparency costs lives. It’s impossible for us to be sure human rights are being respected and that Glassons is adhering to their policies without fair communication with us, the customers.

  • Worker Empowerment

There are no democratically elected unions active in the facilities where Glassons clothing is made.  This, combined with the lack of functioning grievance mechanisms accessible to workers, creates a worrying situation in which workers are unable to voice their concerns about violations to their rights and safety.  Glassons currently has a D+ rating for worker empowerment.

  • Raw Materials Sourcing

So far, every attempt Glassons has made to rectify problems has tackled only one end of the supply chain: the final stage, when garments are sewn together. We need greater accountability for the very first stages: here we see a huge drop-off in traceability.  Currently Glassons do not know where their raw materials (such as cotton) are sourced from, nor do they conduct audits of working conditions.  This is concerning because it is at these deeper, more removed levels of the supply chain that the greatest risks of worker exploitation exist.

We’re asking Glassons to:  

  • Launch projects to pay ALL their workers a living wage 
  • increase transparency by publicising factory locations and suppliers, aggregated wage data, audit reports, and countries in which textiles production and raw materials sourcing takes place. 
  • Empower their workers by promoting access to trade unions, engaging with labour rights NGOs, training workers on their rights and entitlements, and creating functioning grievance mechanisms within supplier contexts. 
  • Improve the traceability of their raw materials production to ensure no worker exploitation exists within their supply chain.

It's vital that Glassons knows we care about #whomademyclothes.  Check out for more info on how you can be part of the movement for fairer fashion.  

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