Stop the NSW Gov from spending $500k of taxpayer money on greyhound racing prize money!

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Despite the NSW public calling for the banning of greyhound racing (which was successful and then disappointingly reinstated), the NSW government has now decided to spend $500,000 of taxpayer money to help fund the Million Dollar Chase at Wentworth Park in Sydney.

This is a shocking and appalling decision by the NSW government. Not only because it is waste of tax payers’ money which could be better spent on NSW farmer drought relief, hospitals, schools and infrastructure, but also because it is contributing towards a cruel and toxic form of gambling. “In just the last two weeks, there have been seven deaths and 91 injuries on racing tracks. People would be horrified to know that their tax dollars are propping this gambling industry, rife with animal cruelty.” - State Greens MP and animal welfare spokesperson, Mehreen Faruqi (

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