Restore Digital Voice Announcements on Route T80 'Liverpool - Parramatta T-way' service

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With the NSW Liberal state government's decision to axe Western Sydney Buses and hand the T80 over to Transit Systems (a private operator) which is operating across major suburbs in Western Sydney due to 'improvement in services', some of the passengers most affected will include visually impaired passengers. 

With the area lacking essential reliable public transport with digital voice announcements, the visually impaired passengers relying on the T80 bus service to get to and from work, education and everyday travel suffer, and so do other passengers. The takeover has come into effect 20 October 2013 and we have being kept told that services will get better and it is just a 'teething' issue, however there are several issues with Transit Systems which are yet to get better.

The issues we commuters are being faced with on an everyday basis are

- No digital voice announcements on the T-80
- No automatic validating ticket machines on certain T-way buses
- Back door not opening. The back door should open at ALL TIMES when customers are getting off any bus operated by Transit Systems with blant excuses by bus company
- No notices being updated on noticeboards and Transit TV inside the bus advising of any upcoming changes to the transport network and previously constantly updated by Western Sydney Buses
- Drivers rude attitude towards passengers
- Buses not showing up or simply just not picking up passengers even though the bus is not full.
- No Real time tracking information for buses available through 0488TXTBus, 131500 Infoline and Tripview/Third party apps (available on most other 'premium' buses in Sydney)
- No late night security on buses. Prior with Western Sydney Buses there would be a security guard on board the buses for services after 9.30pm, and a security car following the bus for driver and passenger safety.

We are hoping to get atleast 500 signatures so we can deliver this to the media and to the NSW Government to either re-instate Western Sydney Buses to run the T80 bus route or address the issues described above and most importantly restore audio announcements on our T-80 buses.

We want the visually impaired passengers to get a fair go in catching public transport and this can only happen by restoring the digital voice announcements on the T-80 buses.

A copy of the Digital Voice Announcements prior to the take-over by a private company can be found here:

Western Sydney Buses did a much better service in improving public transport for Western Sydney than Transit Systems have ever done. 

Your assistance by signing this petition to overturn the government's decision in removing audio announcements is most appreciated. We would like to see the audio announcements back on T-way buses.

Spread the word to family, friends and relatives (or even your next door neighbour) affected!


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