Preserve South Sea Islander Dry Stone Walls

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Without consultation with the South Sea Islander community, and without employment of proper heritage assessment with community regarding historical and cultural significance, five dry stone walls built in the late 1800’s by South Sea Islanders in Cudgen have been designated for demolition or relocation. 

Work has begun on the new Tweed Valley Hospital in Cudgen, and this is a petition of the protection and preservation, in situ, of these dry stone rock walls that hold significant value to the people of the ASSI community, until proper consultation, and heritage assessment has been completed.

Any construction should not impede on, remove or alter these heritage dry stone walls at the new Tweed Valley Hospital site at Cudgen until this proper course of consultation has occurred, involving the South Sea Islander peoples. We appeal to, and petition the NSW Government on behalf of the ASSI community to protect and preserve these dry stone walls until the completion of all proper consultation with the Australian South Sea Islander community and heritage assessments have been satisfied.