Ban plastic bags in NSW.

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In, NSW, we have not yet taken the innitiative to ban plastic bags. We should be following the footsteps of our fellow states, Tasmania, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory and Northen Territory. Plastic bags should be banned because we are the carers of the future for the planet and we are in control of what happens next. Plastics bags are a major issue in our society, that needs to be solved, plastic bags, kill animals in our ocean and on land and also filling up our landfill greatly destroying our land. As said by, Stephan Hawkings, "We only have 100 years to live." Plastic bags being banned is a major and necessary step to promoting the existence of our planet and future.  Victoria, Western Australia, and Queensland are taking the initiative to phase out single-use plastic bags, and we should follow suit. According to the Clean Up Australia initiative, a massive one trillion single-use plastic bags are used and discarded every year. #banthebag