Ban Greyhound Racing in NSW

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The then NSW Premier Mike Baird had a chance to ban this despicable sport once and for all, and then backtracked. He said he ditched a ban on greyhounds because he "got it wrong" and believes the majority of the community wants the industry to have a second chance.

Well guess what, they have had their chance and we as the majority of the community have had enough.

So far just this year FOUR greyhounds have been euthanised and more than 100 INJURED alone at Wentworth Park, never mind across the state. And many of these injured are simply never seen again. 

ACT have implemented the ban, it's time NSW to STOP this barbaric sport and convert these grounds of ANIMAL ABUSE and ANIMAL DEATH to much needed local community sports grounds.

It's your turn Gladys, make it count. Have the balls Mike didn't.