Allow dogs on public transport in NSW

Allow dogs on public transport in NSW

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vicky m started this petition to Gladys Berejiklian (Former politician) and

With more and more cars on the roads in NSW everyday it's becoming increasingly frustrating to travel to dog friendly destinations for dog owners.

The government is constantly pushing the use of public transport and there has been much debate about whether or not to permit dogs travelling on public transport.

While I understand there will be a lot of negative feedback regarding this issue there are many good points for it.

In Victoria dogs are allowed to travel on trains. Why not NSW?

Trains being one of the most popular and easiest modes of transport.

In NSW dogs are only allowed to travel at present on ferries with permission from staff before boarding. This does not include assistance dogs who are permitted to travel on all public transport.

Wouldn't it be great for all dog owners in NSW to have the privilege of traveling via train with their four legged best friends? Whether it be to the vet, a dog friendly park or beach.

It would reduce the amount of cars entering the NSW roads and promote a more active lifestyle with your pet.

My personal recommendations to get this subject legalised would be to have a carriage (the very last carriage would be ideal) that is dog friendly. Anyone can travel on it with their pet or the general public if they don't mind travelling with dogs. This way they're a far distance away from people with allergies to dogs and dog fur or people who just arn't fond of them in general.

If your dog is known to easily snap, growl or bite at anyone a muzzle would have to be worn.

You must be able to control your dog at all times.

Owners MUST clean up any mess left behind by their dog and at all times dogs MUST be on a leash.

If dog owners fail to abide by these rules a fine would definitely be advised.

Perhaps purchasing a ticket for your dog could be implemented to the state government gains something from this.

This would make it fair and complaint free for all.

With so many dog friendly facilities available around the state and many many events featuring these furry four legged friends, it would make things so much easier for dog owners to travel to them rather than being stuck in traffic and causing cars on the road.

If you agree with me please sign your name, send this petition to the state premier, prime minister, opposition leader or your local member of parliament.

Perhaps a one year trial run could be made to see how this would work out then make a decision from there.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!