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Quiet! Glacier National Park - Restore the Natural Soundscape

Glacier National Park needs our Help!

Extremely noisy helicopter scenic over-flights are destroying the peace and tranquility of Glacier National Park, Montana. These helicopters serve a very few, and create incessant noise pollution that all other visitors and wildlife must endure. Noise pollution from helicopter over-flights must stop.

Sign this petition to ask U.S. Secretary of the Interior, National Park Service Director, and Department of Transportation Secretary to restore the pristine natural soundscape of Glacier.

Glacier National Park administration and staff, local residents, and visitors from across the country and around the world have long been concerned about noise pollution in Glacier. It is among the most common complaints lodged by travelers. The issue was thoroughly studied and documented in Glacier’s General Management Plan 18 years ago. That plan made a public commitment to eliminate scenic tour over-flights. (read more)

Helicopter over-flight noise knows no boundary and cannot be contained. It takes only one helicopter to shatter the natural soundscape people travel thousands of miles to experience. Today, dozens of scenic helicopter over-flights occur each day over the peaks of Glacier.  We cannot have peace without a place for peace and quiet.

We propose to restore quiet to Glacier for the benefit of present and future generations and its magnificent wildlife. We petition the United States government to address this issue in recognition of the National Park Service’s centennial year.  Let’s restore the peace and quiet of Glacier National Park for the next 100 years.

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