April 5, 2022
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Started by victoria laws

In the state of Kentucky, many times, kids do not get a voice when it comes to custody and visitations, especially if they are younger than a teenager. Despite comfort, abuse, medical issues, most kids are just shuffled where the court says it is fit. The problem is, the court isn’t with these children on a 24 hour basis. The courts don’t see what happens behind closed doors. The courts don’t see and hear and feel what these children experience. And in so many cases, the courts can only go by what is able to be firmly proven. Mental and emotional distress is very difficult to prove and considered hearsay in a lot of cases. Without a lot of money for a lot of experts and specialists, the average parent can not fight for the needs and wants of their child(ren). Kids should have a say in who they are exposed to. Kids should have a say in who has a hand in shaping their futures. 

“You would think they would have a protection order for emotional, medical and nutritional harm/neglect.  Emotional, medical and nutritional is physical! And this is where the change comes in.  It destroys the mind body and soul.” We need a change! #givekidsavoice a choice,  a chance.  (Allowed Time for ALL Evidence To be heard!! Without bias!) before they have to go. Hear and see  the  therapists, drs,  voice mails, messages, videos, jump drives, every visit packet, etc. included. Badly represented! Repeatedly Lied too. Not prepared. Ignored. Things not being submitted  as promised. Money paid for transcript unused. (That part is in the works). Something funny going on there and I will figure/find it out. 

#KenziesLaw #JusticeforKenzie #FreeKenzie #fightforKenzie #faithfamilyfreedom 


•••This petition is something my granddaughter has asked me to do.   She wants to save other kids from going through what she is going through.••• it can’t help her. Too late. But May can help others. She/we are still fighting. 

A sole custody parent should have a say in who and what has access to their child. Especially in a case where the child is suffering. Especially medical/nutritional/safety/best interest. To have some consistency/routine. 

My granddaughter is going through something unbearable. She is 7 and has to visit her father who is required to have supervised overnight visits with his parents as supervisor. They are basically strangers to her, and they are forcing her to stay overnights in a house that scares her, makes her feel very uncomfortable and unsafe. Her father has a history of dangerous decisions and these happened under his parents supervision, so they clearly can’t keep him safe, let alone keep her safe if his issues cause him to snap against my granddaughter. My granddaughter is not aware of the severity of his  issues, but she sees a difference in him since his diagnosis and hospitalizations. She is so afraid, and it makes her sick. While she is there, she stays alone in a room to avoid them. She has tried to tell them she doesn’t want to be there, but they won’t listen. They tell her that isn’t true. They invalidate her feelings.

 While she is there, they ignore all her routines and rules, even medical. This isn’t good. She can not continue to handle it.

These visits are three hours away from her home, her community, her church,  functions, events, play dates/bday parties, her sports/exercise classes.  She is miserable and suffering.  She is Emotionally distressed and has been in therapy due to her exposure to them for going on 8 months. (update: 17 months) She has allergies and asthma, eczema and there are irritants there that cause flair ups. Her most recent visit caused her an asthma flair up that they ignored and did not treat. She ended up with acute bronchitis that she is still healing from over two weeks later. *(Lasted over a month and still lil cough/throat clearing  since, and build ups causing more sickness) she never been the same since these visits started. Quality of life, major life changes too far away) Her medical issues are being ignored and called imaginary, even after  pediatrician and an allergist has said that these irritants cause her issues. She has been ended up sick every time picking her up, three visits that has led to ER and/or urgent care visits. That that isn’t counting the multiple follow ups. *( six visits now, sick each time. 4 overnights, 2day visits Dr or er  or urgent care. (update: 6 overnights, 2 day trip alone, 3 all day meets with mom I believe I’m remembering right but will check- more now will check my records-  to be sure!!)  (I need to add to all this soon) Building up causing more issues, each time, more susceptible, easier to get sick, each time. this last one she was still sick and went on antibiotics from allergy/irritant build up from all exposures, (which seems to be making her more susceptible and drs do say this but afraid of litigation. She has lost her pediatrician, due to this already!! These drs r not bias they r doing their job as always, can’t change dr every visit. Or run to er/urgent care. This isn’t good for anyone. She never had these issues. But a time or two in her life. We avoided them/meds. And avoid the serious Side affects. Which is best.  I raised a child much worse so I know, scarred for life, inside and out- her mother! And they know all this to all be true)  so no need for dr/er again, this trip, *(although ignored medical/sickness, advice, again) but did have follow up to be sure it going away!) The forced steroids for her medical conditions caused by being there are not good, weight gain irritable, diet, etc.   and it can be avoided. When we learned her irritants and triggers, we avoided them. She wasn’t on steroids for a very long time. Now she is back on them due to these exposures. And was barely ever on them!! Because of avoiding irritants!! That’s best!!  No inhaler ever til this. Allergist gave it in case last yr. Just to have in hand since she does have asthma.  But never used it!not once.  She never even needed allergy meds. Only couple short times for a few days during a bad season. And not every year/season. Her skin/bumps won’t go away now. They would few days after visit. Not now. Her skin is all discolored, scarred, her whole body inside and out. And they do know this to be true. Lies/ignoring needs to stop now. Ruthless behavior! (This is all a Personal injury) being looked into now. Three adults that know this to always be true. But control,  power,  and narcissistic behaviors have taken over. Being allowed. Her childhood. Being taken from  her.  Now many meds and side affects destroying her life. And people laugh- because they were given the power. The power and control  to threaten, abuse.  This is abuse! 

Her stress/nerves  has caused some additional internal issues that we have appointments scheduled with 3 new specialists at Vanderbilt in Nashville.  And another elsewhere due to they do not accept that insurance. This is 2 hours away from home, so it’s difficult and her mom has to lose work for each visit. We are praying they can solve some of the mysteries of some of the ailments she is suffering. *(plan in motion for few weeks- elimination diet, cleanse, etc. if it doesn’t help the couple internal  med issues she is having,  more tests  will come. Trying less invasive first) *also another appt specialist but long wait list. August. For dermatologist. Had one at Vanderbilt for there too but they realized after a wait already that they do not take Medicaid. Now she has Covid and had miss her dermatologist, and urologist!! :-( she needed this and takes forever to get back in.  (We try the And same day  if possible due to  losing work time/income/distance! I think the new appts r oct. But also has her regular therapy sessions. Dr appts. Have to find a new Dr/pediatrician which isn’t easy here! The dr did nothing wrong! But  court scared/threatened her. Which creates compromised care….   due to this court! And has a new higher end therapy Dr appt  this month (august- was first they court get  her in also) this was referred! 

 She seems thoroughly traumatized. She has symptoms of ptsd.  She has changed, her school has suffered. She was ahead, and now she isn’t. We are homeschooling right now, and hope she can eventually go to public school like she wanted to try!  (Not gonna happen- I don’t guess! :-( 

She always had a huge personality and full of life. (They as everyone knows this.) She was always a very happy child. (Everyone knows this. They  mainly dad and grandmother- always bragged on  how well we do.) That is gone. She is withdrawn, fearful, and seems depressed.

If we can end all of this soon, we may be able to change this. We may can get her back to being a happy and healthy child and help her to heal.  And become what she wants. Get back to life. We need someone to listen to her side. So far, the judge has not. 

We are continuing to fight this neglect and abuse. They tell her she isn’t feeling what she is feeling, they make fun of her, and make what she calls ‘adult jokes’ in front of her. She couldn’t remember the actual joke, but that’s what she calls it. They force phyical affection on her that she pushes away from and begs them to not do. She has been grabbed to the point of bruising in their attempt to ‘show love’. They do not give her what she needs physically, mentally, or emotionally. My daughter sent her with a phone, so she could reach out if needed, and they keep it away from her. They don’t take her epipen when they go places. They don’t take her benedryl when they go places. They don’t take her inhaler in when they go places, instead leave it out in the car. These are all things that can be very dangerous in certain circumstances. *Update: 5/16/22- since someone showed them this petition,  they took meds  the last time or two going places-  but still didn’t give med properly/missed or not the right time/or at all. They give what and when and if  they want. And ignored how to store it. We take back pack/ice pack or ice water everywhere we take her.    Many discrepancies also.  (The last visit- lots of issues caused,  the child is worse and forced to go through even more and stay home not doing anything now.  

Her father’s parents were abusive to him during his childhood, up into his adulthood. Told me this many many times in tears and didn’t change his  story.  Physically and emotionally. It was never reported, so on paper, they look clean. But they admitted to a portion of the abuse separately under oath, and the judge still dismissed that information as valuable. We are fighting an uphill battle. 

She is a child, and this should not be forced on her, by family that clearly does not care about her wellbeing and future. 

Please help us give all kids a voice! Please help us give my granddaughter a voice. Help her get back to being able to go to church every Sunday (she has a very strong faith), being able to do her Tae Kwon Do, being able to join in her community and holiday events. Help make a difference in her life. Help us show her what the voice of many can do.

Help us make a positive impact.

Update: I believe  9 alone visits now.(will check and update soon) Dr every time. Issues every time. Ignoring, not believing.  Lies. Will update more asap. All interrogating her making her cry whole time. Telling her she don’t feel this or that!! That someone making her say it etc. this is 100% untrue and  they do know it. So help me God! She never had to ever deal with inhumane, ruthless acts. This is destroying an innocent  child. Suppose be best interest of the child and none of them care. Including the court it seems. Updating more soon. We were told do our best Dr every time won’t  help anymore. We know what to do all we can do. Her medical care has been compromised in this county. Due to them. 

(she says - I just make best of it and don’t say anything anymore, I deal! Hurt and cry in bathroom- I’m not allowed to be sad there, I can’t have emotions/ I must be happy. or im yelled at by-all of them. I can’t handle that again. She breaks down thinking about it. I only see them to eat. I mostly stay alone  in bedroom) she says- I pretend like I’m at a park and play with strangers- like a game!) and try to make it til 3:30 Sunday. I’m Alone unless we go somewhere and that best. 

***will update more Later. But it’s got worse. And using punishment for her speaking up.  Giving things for spite. To harm her.  And no meals.  Just junk. Probably to harm/defy us which is harming her! That was discussed. And this alone is abuse. This isn’t your normal/typical case. The threats- and Making her feel guilty/blaming for adults actions. Etc.  These supervisors shouldn’t be!   They need supervision. And they r not supervising. So help me God. Help this child. Share and sign. For all kids. It’s her story and the reason it was done- her request!! For others. To not go through this. Help this kid out. More to be added later.  And watch for a GOFUNDME soon- or if anyone knows one to help to find an attorney. Please share that as well. Our att neglected, us/her and lied. Her FOC  neglected her/us  too. More to come. 


 For the record. The judge never told me I had to take this truth/facts down or stop sharing it. So more lies/Misinformation by you all.  Stop harassing me on this public site.  Slander/libel This is not lies. And therapist, psychologist , and drs said and know this.  They r afraid of litigation, threats,   I was told this by two myself already. We have a lot of proof. I never “screamed” at anyone.  Phone was in my hand in my face. Yes it will be louder.  Anyone who cares and loves would never have allowed it to be that way. So harsh.  Especially a parent/grandparent.  


I hate doing this. But I must as a human being. (Grandma, as any parent or grandma would/should do) if u would like to help her, click below and share/donate. This is 100% true. Ask any of my friends/family. Ask me questions. Don’t even try to hack, harass,  scam or fake a profile anymore. Sorry I have to say this. But you have no idea. Thanks. 


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