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Petitioning Give West Virginia more vaccine exemptions

Allow West Virginians to have more vaccine exemptions.

Why should West Virginias not be given the option to choose what toxins are injected into our children without being penalized?


A person would not normally contract 5 diseases at one time naturally, yet at 2, 4 and 6 month visits a baby is injected with five vaccines.
There is no proof that vaccines are responsible for the decline in certain diseases - improved sanitation, medical care and less crowding may also have contributed to the decline in certain diseases. Most diseases decreased by over 95% BEFORE the introduction of vaccines.
By vaccinating children, many cases of certain diseases (ex. measles, chicken pox) have now shifted to the adult population where the disease is often more serious and debilitating.
Many vaccines are cultured on mediums such as monkey kidneys, chick embryos and human diploid cells (cells from an aborted fetus) which raises moral concerns for me, but this also causes me concern as to what genetic material is being injected into a child's body along with the vaccine ingredients and what possible consequences that may carry.
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Give West Virginia more vaccine exemptions
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Give West Virginia more vaccine exemptions!.

West Virginia and Mississippi are the only two states that do not allow religious or philosophical exemptions from mandatory vaccinations required to attend school. All 48 other states allow parents the freedom to act in the best interests of their children according to their religious or philosophical beliefs. Forty-eight other states allow parents to choose what gets injected into their children.
We believe that we have the right to:

- make an informed decision whether we want to take the risks involved in vaccinations or any medical treatment.
- give informed consent before submitting to medical procedures.
- disagree with government and medical authorities on what the risks and benefits of vaccines are.
- act according to our conscience and religious/philosophical beliefs.

These are rights that Americans in 48 other states take for granted. Why can't West Virginians have these same rights?

No forced vaccination. Not in America. Not in West Virginia.



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