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Petitioning White House Office of Women and Girls Valerie Jarrett

Give Voice & Visibility to Homeless Women to Inform and Inspire Government Leaders


Women's History Month is the perfect time to gather our national leaders and policymakers around a growing issue of women's homelessness. Diane Nilan, producer of the documentary film  on the edge, will be in Washington, DC March 30 to screen this award-winning film at the House of Representatives (Members, staff and public invited). Let's urge urge Members of Congress to attend the screening and ask Valerie Jarrett, leader of the White House Council on Women and Girls, to set up a screening for the First Family, reinforcing hundreds of invitation to the First Family (HEAR US' original petition).

Homelessness among families and youth has escaped attention of policymakers. While over a million school children have been identified, they, with their younger and older siblings, and parents, remain largely invisible and unserved, a reality that if left unchecked will result in many becoming homeless adults.

The end of March would be a perfect time to call attention to the plight of what experts fear is an epidemic of homelessness affecting primarily women and their families. on the edge and HEAR US advocate Diane Nilan can make that happen. Urge Ms. Jarrett to open the door for this worthwhile opportunity.


Letter to
White House Office of Women and Girls Valerie Jarrett
In honor of Women's History Month, we urge you to see the powerful new documentary, "on the edge," which features stories of 7 women who have experienced homelessness. The film's producer and national homelessness activist will be in Washington for a March 30 screening at the Capitol. We urge our national policy leaders and the President to view this enlightening film.

Homelessness, particularly for women, children and teens, continues to be ignored and misunderstood. HUD recently released homeless census numbers, about 650,000, which don't begin to touch the reality of the millions of women, children and teens who are invisibly homeless in every community across the nation.

Diane Nilan, for decades a tireless activist for homeless persons, will be traveling in the DC area in late March and is willing to share her film with as many people as possible. In honor of Women's History Month, this film is a must-view for legislators and the President. Please make that happen.

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