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Give us the next season of Badi Door Se Aaye Hain

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Badi Door Se Aaye Hain (BDSAH) was the best show on Indian television, while it lasted. It was about a family of aliens who had arrived on Earth to find their lost son. The story was amazing, the plot incredibly well-written and the comedy super hilarious.

To be honest, there was never and never will be such a show. We have grown so attached to the story and the characters. The first season ended at a cliffhanger with a promise of another one returning in February of 2017, but nothing appeared. The dates would often shift to a set date in the future or just a vague promise, but nothing ever surfaced.

"During its peak, it had the highest TRP on SAB TV, and was an immensely popular show. After its re-run began on Sony Pal, the channel's TRP has gone very high and the show is running successfully." (Wikipedia)

People who loved the show can't just let this go. We NEED another season of BDSAH. If you're a fan of the show as well, this petition might be your chance at getting another season. Each signature will send an e-mail to Hats Off Productions (creators of BDSAH) and SAB TV. Hopefully, if we receive enough signatures, we can make them aware of our needs. Hopefully, we will get another season!

Thank you for signing if you did. Ishaba!

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