Give These Dogs A Chance In St. Croix

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Dogs being tossed into the ocean by their owner has turned into a regular scene at the Frederiksted Pier in St. Croix.

This man, who stands over 6 feet tall, has been seen leading these dogs to their inevitable plunge REGULARLY. A local woman said he does this multiple times throughout the week. He claims they are his "service animals." The day this video was taken, he threw them 3 times in a row, forcing them to swim approximately 126 meters to shore each time. Everyone watched and gasped in horror each time the dogs were thrown, but were too afraid to approach this large, overly confident man. 

The distance from the pier to the water is approximately 10 feet, and the water is even deeper than that. So these dogs drop into the water, have to swim their way to the top, and then swim for their lives to shore - sometimes with giant chains around their necks... only to be greeted by this man, chained together, and FORCED to do it all over again.

Folks, this is happening in front of children and families - Tourists and locals, alike! 

This should NOT be tolerated ANYWHERE!!  Not only is it inhumane, but it is extremely traumatic for anyone who witnesses, and it is simply NOT acceptable. 

Law enforcement needs to find and arrest this man. Help is NEEDED.


PLEASE sign this petition and REPORT any tips and/or feelings to the VIPD Animal Cruelty Investigator, the Chief of Police, and the VIPD Police Commissioner in St. Croix!!!! (340) 778-2211