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Petitioning Mayor, Grand Junction CO Mayor Bruce Hill

Give Homeless Kids a Place to Go in the Cold!


A news story in Grand Junction tells a dismaying tale of the local day shelter not allowing families in during the day, despite the weather. Families need to wander around, seeking a safe, warm place to be.

Homelessness is bad enough, especially for families. But to refuse to let families into a daytime refuge is outrageous.

Please contact the mayor's office and voice your opinion. And share this with your networks. It's time to draw a line in the sand for kids who are without a place to call home.


photo (c) Pat Van Doren

Letter to
Mayor, Grand Junction CO Mayor Bruce Hill
The TV news story about your city's daytime drop-in center not allowing families is horrible. But your city's willingness to address this issue is appreciated. As of 12/21/09, we understand that steps are being taken to alleviate this suffering. Thank you.

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