Give 20 year old palliative care patient entonox at home


Give 20 year old palliative care patient entonox at home

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Hannah Hodgson started this petition to Dr Keith Ridge (NHS England pharmacist) and

Hi, I’m Hannah Hodgson.

I urgently need your support in getting entonox (commonly called gas and air and given to women in labour) on special license at home. I’m 20 years old and am under the palliative care team. Over the last three years I have become increasingly unwell - I have gastroparesis/ intestinal failure (meaning I can no longer eat or drink); POTs syndrome (which can make me collapse multiple times a day); neurological hearing loss (resulting in me needing hearing aids) ; an as yet undiagnosed neurological  condition and Elher Danlos Syndrome (which causes dislocations every 2-3 weeks and subluxes daily).

I put the dislocations back in to place myself as having to wait for an ambulance, then have a half hour journey to hospital is ridiculously painful. I am currently taking morphine - which takes 15-30 minutes to work and doesn’t even begin to touch my pain, and Fentynl (Which is 200x stronger than morphine).  Morphine/ Fentanyl could constipate me to the extent that I need emergency hospital intervention, as a bowel blockage is a life threatening emergency.

Entonox will be the safest and shortest acting drug, that will help me with my pain. It is also a muscle relaxant and will help me to put the joint back in to place much more quickly.  Entonox, however, is only in your system for a few minutes and has very few, and in comparison minor, side effects (such as nausea).

My amazing palliative care consultant has talked to the chief local pharmacist, and he was told that there is no way to prescribe me entonox in my own home. This is a decision made by Morecambe bay CCG, and is not a nationwide policy. Patients living 40 minutes away from me have been prescribed it for home use. The NHS should not be a postcode lottery - it should be fair universal healthcare.

I only need a short acting medication while I get my joint back in, hence the idea of Entonox

My mum and I have taken on many medical procedures, and this would be one more. We have been trained on things that have never really been done long term in the community (e.g. subcutaneous fluids). 

PLEASE sign this petition and make Morecambe Bay CCG to allow me to put my dislocations back in using the most effective pain relief, with the least risk to me taking in to consideration my other co-morbidities.

PLEASE share this on social media.

 Thank you.


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This petition made change with 13,192 supporters!

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