Give Freelancers What They Deserve

Give Freelancers What They Deserve

August 9, 2015
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Started by Daniel Rytel

Freelancers are losing the platform that has supported them for years.

The freelancing site Elance is shutting down and moving to Upwork in 2015. The entire Elance community will be forced to move to Upwork or otherwise find an alternative. Many users, including both clients and freelancers, hate this transition and want Elance back for good.

Reasons include:

  • Increased fees for freelancers
  • Inferior user interface & website design
  • Lower work quality & lower pay standards across the site
  • Delayed payment period for freelancers
  • Loss of important profile information
  • Loss of freelancer-client relationships
  • Unnecessary headache for freelancers & clients
  • And much more...

Why should they be forced to move? Freelancers will essentially be forced into a site with an inferior interface only to do the same work with clients for an increased fee and likely lower pay. Clients will have to face the same confusing interface as well as the lower quality standards prevalent throughout the site.

Elance is a beautiful system that countless freelancers have used, loved, and depended on for years. Elance changed lives and now it's shutting down. Either Elance needs to be brought back or Upwork needs to be heavily updated for the better.

Please sign this petition and let's make something happen!



Petition Closed

This petition had 2,616 supporters

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