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I am a fan of Disney, old and new, all the way from Walt to Iger. My favorite era is probably the Disney Renaissance to the early 2000s. During that time it felt like Disney was united, and cared about their current and classic things. 

I think all Disney movies and shows should be acknowledged and given attention and merchandise no matter how it did finically or critically. So old, new,forgotten, and loved, all come together. And any new films that come out (E.g. The Jungle Book, The BFG,Queen of Katwe) won't ever be forgotten. They'll be loved and given merchandise forever.

Part of this is also acknowledging sequels and forgotten films. They should all be marketed, given merchandise, and shown love.

This way old and new Disney can be together. 

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The Forgotten Movies list

The Forgotten TV Show List

The Forgotten Princesses 

This includes but not limited to:

All movies theatrical and direct to dvd,All Disney Channel, DisneyXD, ABC,Freeform (ABCfamily), Playhouse Disney\Disney Junior other Disney owned network shows, Television Movies (Including Disney Channel original movies, and Wonderful world of Disney films)



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