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Fannie Mae, Aurora Loan Services, Cal Western Reconveyance and IBM LBPS have taken our home, With the help over the years we owned it of Lehman Brothers, Principal Residential Mortgage, CitiMortgage, Bank Of America, Universal Savings Bank, Seterus, US Capital Mortgage, Stratford Mortgage (Tx) among others....  We need your help to get it back and to continue stopping others from trying to buy it as our fraud in our title history is so outrageous that #1- We dont want another family destroyed by it and #2 We honestly still and always have wanted our home, ,please see the news section and read the letter we have mailed to everyone involved in our home and across the nation for help. We never had a fair day in court, we spent over 2yrs pro se and I (rebecca) did it all on my own, reseach, learing, fighting, writing, our dogs are buried in that back yard and we should be with them not some strangers, This is OUR home for over 14 years, Please help us get it back, please help us get a fair hearing and trial and clean title!!! Were begging you.....

Fannie Mae has told banks to foreclose on some delinquent homeowners -- those more than a year behind -- even as the banks were trying to help borrowers save their houses, a violation of Fannie's own policy. Yet also when Banks Like Aurora Loan Services (in our case) were not doing a thing to help us homeowners but give us the endless cycle run around until they could take the home. Here is a VERY, BRIEF OUTLINE OF Some of our ALLEGATIONS those of which, we have three fundamental assertions, although there ARE MUCH MORE!  Again, this is just a brief summary for you to understand:

 I) Crucial documents issued by Cal-Western Reconveyance Corporation ( The inserted Substitution of Trustee and btw PROMMIS SOLUTIONS the parent company of them as well as of the law firm Pite Duncan that represented everyone but Fannie Mae in our civil case against them, ( MERS, AURORA, CAL WESTERN) ....on behalf of Fannie Mae and Aurora Loan Services, and others, pursuant to foreclosure and sale, demonstrated irregularities in ALL THEIR documents, that render them defective, and subsequently invalid; II) Cal-Western selectively ratified certain elements within the Security Instrument while violating others: specifically, Cal-Western committed breach of contract by neglecting to date its Statement of Breach or Non-Performance, in violation of NON-UNIFORM COVENANTS, Section 22, (c); and III) Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) attempted and followed thru with the sale of The MISENHELTER’S (OUR 14YR HOME) and NONE of their names were legally placed on these documents because beneficiary rights were not lawfully conveyed thereto by the original lender. ( UNIVERSAL SAVINGS BANK, was ordered to voluntarily liquidate in 2008 by the OTS, so how could they sign anything? As well as the FDIC and bank that took over the holdings of this bank, stated to us via a director of FDIC in emails that, ‘YOUR LOAN, NOR HOME CAN BE FOUND, ANYWHERE, frankly it doesn’t exist”), Therefore the principal never assigned nor authorized the assignment of the mortgage deed by MERS, and so title remained with Universal Savings Bank, NA. Nor was Fannie Mae, Aurora Loan Services and others entitled to recourse under the Trust Deed, since neither deed or note had been legally assigned thereto at the time the Notice of Trustee’s Sale Under Deed of Trust was issued, rendering the power of sale clause inaccessible to anyone other than Universal Savings Bank WHICH NO LONGER EXISTS AND NEVER ASSIGNED TITLE TO ANYONE PRIOR TO CLOSE OF BUSINESS OPERATIONS!

 We go to our courts and our government for help in matters such as when the laws are meant to hold banks accountable for their fraudulent and illegal activity. In Arizona it seems some of our Maricopa County Superior Court Judges are seemingly, more interested in punishing those who didn't break any laws, namely homeowners, instead of punishing the banks who blatantly break the laws, create fraudulent documents, try to illegally foreclose, and then lie about it. We filed suit against our PREVIOUS loan servicer, yes you read that correctly, PREVIOUS …. Aurora Loan Services, MERS, and Cal Western Reconveyance. Since we had no choice after they transferred our servicing to IBM Lender Business Process Services, as well as Fannie Mae. They ALS transferred servicing effective as of Aug 01,2010 then pursued Foreclosure JULY 22, 2010 anyway. Our suit claimed that the Defendants lack standing to foreclose for a multitude of reasons,We never asked for a FREE home, but we do ask for a legal one. We lived their 12 yrs. when this all started and we always paid between 100 and 400 a month extra to principal for that entire time and when we asked for help multiple months in advance, ( we called to ask if we came to being unable to pay, since we are in construction and the economy was failing) what we could do, and were told, “ You have to be 3 months late before we will help you” WHAT?? the point was we didn’t want to be late. You can read our story at,

Please return our home to us and fix the clouded title!! PLEASE!

Letter to
Timothy Mayopoulos CEO Federal Nation Mortgage Assoc
FBI — Phoenix Special Agent in Charge James L. Turgal
Arizona Office of the Attorney General Tom Horne
and 2 others
United States Attorney District of Arizona John S. Leonardo
Arizona State Govenor Jan Brewer
I request that you find it in your heart to Give BACK the Misenhelter family home! I request you honeslty do something to change AZ Laws-Statues INVESTIGATE FRAUD FULLY and Completely, And at the least give them a real chance at due process of the law. I request you help in obtaining rules, regulations and laws to hold banks, lenders and investors accountable for the crimes, and wrongful activities they commit, it hurts you and all of us by allowing it to continue! As a US citizen we all deserve to have a simple request for our mortgage to be honest, legitimate and legal and that is the case here, - it's our legal right. We also have the right to ask you to give the Misenhelter family their illegally taken home back as that's all they want! and their title cleared! Congress has passed laws specifically protecting homeowners against retaliation from banks as well as to disclose such. If they can't produce they are the Holder in due course, that they have actual LEGAL STANDING and have the LEGAL rights to foreclose and take someones' home, it could be evidence of a larger problem. Right now, attorneys general in all 50 states are investigating allegations of massive mortgage fraud by the big banks, yet in AZ unlike many other states, No one is actually changing laws, making the banks and lenders abide by these very laws and not even attempting in helping the homeowners even after they have sent hundreds in some cases (like ours) of requests letters for help. No one is looking into our judicial system and how the Judges are handling these cases, therefore the banks can do what they want and hundreds of families are left homeless, struggling and alone. When it comes to mortgage fraud, U.S. Attorney's offices must navigate muddy terrain. The most recent example involves the question of when a lender can lawfully foreclose on a property. After revelations that lenders in some states transferred ownership of the underlying mortgage documents electronically and without proper notarization, major banks declared temporary moratoriums on judicial foreclosures across the nation. If affidavits that a notary had reviewed documents and authenticated signatures prove false, hundreds of thousands of at-risk homeowners may have claims for injunctive relief. And prosecutors may have to distinguish potentially criminal acts from administrative shortcuts. Borderline practices include hiring undertrained employees to fast-track foreclosures, and securitizing massive numbers of risky loans and then unloading on them on investors and many investors know about these faulty loans and practices but ignore them anyway. In AZ much of the homeowners don't even get the chance of due process and their cases are tossed out even with evidence submitted proving what they claim, because they are pro se. SOMEONE NEEDS TO LOOK INTO THESE, I am asking you to have their home, their documents, their entire case really, fully looked into. ! Please help the Misenhelter family and others across Arizona. Please contact this family and show that you really care about them and the rest of the families that make AZ their home! That your concerned and committed to STOPPING THIS ACROSS AZ!
Thank you!