Give a father and husband a second chance in society

Give a father and husband a second chance in society

June 1, 2022
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Why this petition matters


This petition is addressed to the Parole board of Ohio, The Governor of Ohio, Judge Spencer, and anyone with the power to release Mr. David Chambers.

David Chambers is on his 13th year in prison, serving 15 years to life, convicted as a murderer after a tragic incident in which his beloved 18-month-old daughter lost her life to a terrible accident.

On September 15th, 2009, Mr. Chambers was using the restroom on the top floor of their two story home, while his daughter was downstairs.

The child then climbed the stairs and suddenly fell and suffered trauma to her head and body. Mr Chambers rushed to his daughter who he found unresponsive on the bottom of the stairs. He shook her to get a reaction, but the child was still unresponsive. In his moment of panic and distress, he failed to think rational and act quickly. “Panic is a defence mechanism, a strong, uncontrolled fear associated with loss of judgment.”

He did not have a phone, so he ran to his sister who lived next door, and to another next door neighbor who is a medical staff to get help. The child was taken to the hospital, but unfortunately her life was not to save, and she passed away two days later, on September 17th, 2009.

There was found brain injuries, whiplash type injures, and retinal haemorrhages on the child.

The jury members came to the conclusion that they believed it was an accident, still, Chambers was found guilty of two counts of murder, one with a specification of child endangering, the other with a specification of felonious assault, allegedly for shaking the child and causing fatal injuries after she fell down a flight of stairs while in his care.

David Chambers was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for the death of his precious 18-month-old daughter. His verdict was given based on outdated studies given by the medical personnel describing the child's injuries, but these studies were later replaced with new studies, as science has changed.

Mr. Chambers wants the opportunity to present the new studies and prove his innocence. He did not kill his daughter.

The new evidence shows that studies proves that the injuries the child received when falling down the stairs could be fatal itself. The retinal and subdural haemorrhages were not caused by being shaken, but most likely from the impact received when falling down the stairs. These studies came out after Mr. Chambers was incarcerated. Mr. Chambers obtained this evidence years after his incarceration, by hiring doctors and professors specializing in these fields. It took him years to obtain these due to lack of resources. Nevertheless, David accepts full responsibility for his part in what happened that lead him to prison. The tragedy of losing his precious daughter is a punishment itself and haunts him every day and will do for the rest of his life.

Since November 2019, Mr. Chambers has with help of his attorney Mr. Eric J Allen, appealed to his sentence 3 times with the new evidence provided by Dr. John G Galaznik, a physician and board-certified paediatrician, but the appeal has been rejected with the argument: The court finds that defendant failed to demonstrate why the “newly discovered” evidence proffered in support of his motion of a new trial could not, with reasonable diligence, have been discovered and produced at the trial per Crim.R.33A. The court finds that the defendant has failed to make the requisite showing by clear and convincing proof that he was unavoidably prevented from filing his motion for a new trial per Crim.R.33B. Further, this court finds that the years long delay in filing this motion for a new trial was not reasonable. Accordingly, the defendants’ motion for an order granting leave to file a motion for a new trial is denied. IT IS SO ORDERED. Again, it took so long due to lack of resources, and because Mr. Chambers was unaware that the science had changed as he couldn’t do the research himself.

We believe that by a thorough investigation, this conviction should be overturned.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope, after reading my petition, that you will decide that this man deserves a second chance.


Massiel Adriana Chambers

Mr. Chambers’ wife






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