#IWILL- Change the Girl Scout Promise and Law

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We are Girl Scout Troop 20923 and we want Girl Scouts of the USA to modify the Girl Scout Law and Promise to be more empowering and more confidence-instilling for all girls. Girl Scouts recite the promise and law hundreds of times.  AND WORDS MATTER!  It is important that we send the RIGHT message to young girls, as they will carry it forward with them.

The Girl Scout Law and Promise includes “try” and “do my best”, which implies that girls only need to attempt to do something, rather than be held accountable.  “Try” is just 3 letters, but it has serious implications to how girls value themselves and what we, as society, expect of them.  We believe that an organization that’s mission is to develop “girls of courage, confidence, and character” (Girl Scouts of USA) should not continue using language that inadvertently and potentially unconsciously, diminishes girls' strength and confidence. 

Join us so that Girl Scouts “do” and that they “are” and that they don’t just “try”! 

Watch our video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9gwA_wO9PI