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Petitioning Girl & Boy Scouts: Stop Excluding Transgender Youth!

Girl & Boy Scouts: Stop Excluding Transgender & LGB Youth!

No youth should be excluded from the character building experiences that Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts have to offer.

While leaders at the national level of Girl Scouts are supportive of trans youth, they do not yet have a national policy to prevent the exclusion of transgender scouts at the local level. While we applaud them for the gains they've made, we kindly ask they make the final step towards full equality.

The Boy Scouts have a national policy of exclusion, and are currently reviewing that policy.

All youth should have a fair chance to succeed!

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Girl & Boy Scouts: Stop Excluding Transgender Youth!
Recent news that LGBT scouts are sometimes excluded from participating in their local chapters is deeply disturbing.

We are calling on your organization to implement a national policy to end this discrimination and give all youth a fair chance to participate in your character building programs.

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