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US EPA: We Say Yes To Cleaner Wood Stoves And Cleaner Air

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We Petition in Support of the new EPA standards for New Residential Wood Heaters, New Residential Hydronic Heaters and Forced Air Furnaces, and New Residential Masonry Heaters.  We support (1) the EPA proposed single low emissions limit for all wood and pellet stoves, (2) strict and mandatory emissions limits for indoor and outdoor wood furnaces, and (3) full disclosure of tested efficiency ratings, particulate emissions, and CO emissions numbers for each appliance, listed on a consumer hang-tag.

We support the new EPA standards for cleaner wood burning appliances. We care about wood heat, renewable energy and clean air. We know that emissions from wood burning appliances can be reduced significantly.  We think implementation of EPA’s lower emissions standards will lead to technology improvements and help clean up numerous dirty airsheds, from Keene, NH to Fairbanks, AK.

Wood and pellet stoves provide affordable heat.  However, smoldering stoves can cause significant health hazards.  Areas of the country with air inversions can have significant pollution problems associated with trapped wood smoke. To combat problems associated with wood smoke, EPA has introduced new regulations to lower emissions on all wood stoves, wood furnaces, outdoor wood boilers, and pellet stoves.

We know that the new lower emissions standards can be achieved, and can be achieved affordably.  There has already been success in meeting the new low emissions standards proposed by the EPA by catalytic stoves, hybrid stoves, advanced secondary combustion stoves, and pellet stoves.  We know it can be done.  New technologies are not necessarily expensive, nor difficult to incorporate in new stove designs.

It should come as no surprise that industry objects to the proposed regulations.  Some industry executives have attacked the new clean burning catalytic and hybrid technologies by claiming that these stoves are difficult to operate, that catalytic stove owners don’t maintain their stoves and that clean catalytic technology is too expensive.  Others argue that achieving lower emissions standards for noncatalytic stoves will be too expensive and won’t do much to reduce smoke. Still others object to lower emissions standards because they say smoke problems are only caused by old, uncertified stoves, not the certified ones made since 1990.  We disagree with these objections.  We say that new wood and pellet stoves can be cleaner, more efficient and still be affordable.

The new EPA regulations will finally require full reporting of tested efficiency numbers, along with particulate emissions and CO emissions for each new stove tested. We believe that all of this information should be easy for consumers to find on a hang-tag, and that publication of test results will lead to stoves that are cleaner and more efficient.

We want to let EPA know that this is the “right thing to do.”  To join with us, please sign the petition below.


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