Gimpo, South Korea, Shut down the illegal “meat dog” auction house immediately!

Gimpo, South Korea, Shut down the illegal “meat dog” auction house immediately!

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Video: Animal Liberation Wave.

Shut down this awful dog auction site, where bidders bid for dogs such as jindos (one of the Korea’s national treasures), golden retrievers, labradors etc., while their kennel mates watch on in horror as the humans try to out bid each other for their meat. This is an example of how horrific humans can be to our best friends. Let’s take action now to close this auction for good!

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Below is translation of JTBC report on July 1, 2019

Dog auction while the dogs are yelping…even the companion dogs are sold for meat.
Ahead of Boknal, JTBC cameras captured the scene of buying and selling dogs for meat without distinguishing between ‘meat dogs’ and ‘companion dogs’.

There were dogs such as Jindos, which are Korea’s national treasure, and dogs that look like Golden Retrievers which are companion dogs. Choi Kyu-Jin reports on the condition of the ‘meat dog auction house’.

A vehicle carrying a metal wire cage enters a warehouse.
Inside the warehouse, there are about 200 dogs inside the cages. This is an illegal “meat dog” auction site in Gimpo (Gyeonggi-do Province).

[Auctioneer: How can I help you? (I came to buy dogs.) Ok. Take a look around.]

The auction begins with the sound of a whistle blowing. Bargaining takes place as buyers jab at crying dogs with a stick. Instead of calling the dogs by their names, they are called by the price.

[Auctioneer: White dog! White dog! Start from 1 million won. 15,000 won! 28,000 won! 30,000 won!]

Auctions are held 3 times a week; 200 dogs from all over the country are brought here. In addition to Dosa dogs, which are commonly used for meat in Korea because of their size, there are also dogs like Golden Retrievers and Jindo dogs, which are Korea's national treasures. This is illegal under the Animal Protection Act.

[Im Yeong-Ki / Animal Rescue 119 Director: They had the dogs divided by breeds. There’s no such thing as inspections done here. Only sales are taking place.]

The dogs that are not sold wait inside the cage, an empty food bowl beside them, for the next auction day. Some of the dogs inside the cage have injuries, while others are suspected of having skin diseases.

[Lee Ji-Yeon / Animal Liberation Wave Co-Director: The companion dogs and “meat dogs” are not treated differently at all at the auction house. From here, the dogs are sent to the illegal dog slaughterhouses scattered all around the country.]

Most of these meat dog auction houses are illegal but cracking down on them is not easy. That is because under current law, only companion dog sales require a license.

23,889 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!