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  Create the holistic citizen and a healthy nation

· Create a talent base built from the grassroots through Kreeda  Gurukuls

·Providing sports and the performance arts and their practitioners’ professional and social credibility.

 Ensure, sustain and increase Olympic medal winning performances by 2024


• Restoring parity within the education system by prioritizing Sports and Performance Arts as valid career options.

·Incorporation of Sports and Performance Arts within the Right   to Education, to create equal opportunity for all.

·Right to Education to all children without an admission process to the  neighbourhood KREEDA GURUKUL

Customising and localizing the curriculum to include local communities and expertise, regional sports and culture.

· Encouraging healthy competition through teamwork, encourage national bonding thus attempting to address and reduce areas of societal friction and conflict.

· Inclusion on Sports and Performance Arts related subjects within the curriculum of institutions of higher learning including IIT, IIM, etc.


 Effective and efficient management of India’s human resourcesin sport and performance arts through training towards sporting excellence and professional career placements.

• Creating career opportunities for all including those that do not achieve international sporting standards through placements in careers in sciences / commerce/ humanities, associated with either sports or performance arts.

• Creating a career pyramid providing continuity through integration of the bottom of the training programme with institutions of higher learning e.g. IIT, IIM’s, medical and law schools etc., by inclusion of subject options with sport and performance arts in their programmes


·Networking Resources: Government and governmental agencies working in partnership with corporates and community agencies integrating infrastructure, Financial, Research and Personnel resources to create a “national ownership” of sports and performance arts training grid.

·Administration: Of Sports Persons, By Sports Persons, For the Indian citizen supported by representatives of government, corporate sector and technocratic expertise.

Tax Incentives available to the corporate sector proportionate to investment in and expenditure on Sports and Performance Arts infrastructure, personnel, training etc.


· Resuscitate the heritage of traditional sports and performing arts in India, which have been marginalized and in decline – as a foundation and platform for Olympic excellence.

· Creating a training regimen organically grown out of traditional and indigenous expertise, in association with scientific research and technologies.

· Establishment of KREEDA GURUKULS : students working with a coach/ guru


· Sports and Performance Arts to be considered as pre-emptive mental and physical healthcare, thus making all health care a positive intervention.

· Cultivation of emotional intelligence (EQ) through sports and the performance arts to ensure improved mental health of the nation presently obsessed with IQ.


· Sports and Performance Arts as determinants of talent and ability, rising above and beyond the divisive criteria of community, caste, class and creed.

· Allocating food grain stocks to provide basic nutrition at the primary level, for children enrolled in training programmes; to serve as an incentive to joining and remaining in the programme.


Letter to
Minister of HRD, Govt of India Kapil Sibal
Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports Ajay Maken
I've just signed the following petition addressed to: Kapil Sibal, Minister HRD, Ajay Maken, Minister of Youth Affairs and Sport.

Gimme SPACE ( Sports and Performance Arts Certificate in Education)

1) Give credibility to practitioners of sports and performance arts to create parity with academic streams of education
2) Encourage the pursuit of disciplines associated with sports and performance arts to enable a sports and performance arts infrastructure
2) Create a holistic citizens and a health nation
3) Ensure. produce and sustain talent of international medal winning calibre within 20 years