Save Gronk's Life - 6 months and counting


Save Gronk's Life - 6 months and counting

This petition made change with 4,419 supporters!

Linda Sorensen started this petition to Gilgandra Shire Council


My family and I are currently going through a very tough time, in particular our dog, Gronk.

Gronk belonged to my Brother, Alex Sorensen – We lost Alex suddenly on the 7th of February, 2015. We carry Alex in our hearts every day.

Gronk was out of his yard and barked at some people in the front yard of their residence, he has not touched or bitten any of these people.

Gonk is a large dog, and I imagine that he could cause a bit of a fright if he was to bark at you. I am sincerely sorry Gronk may have scared these people, I really am – but for this he now faces death row.

For the past 7 Months Gronk has been kept in a cage at the Gilgandra pound, my family we able to visit Gronk 3 times in the first 2 weeks he was in the pound, then we were told that was no longer appropriate.

I am facing charges related to this incident, and I am ok with that. I just want to see Gronk come home as soon as possible so he can begin rehabilitating after such a long time in isolation, where he probably spent his waking moments wondering why his family have abandoned him.

Let me assure you that grieving is a long and hard road. I am sure that Gronk is still grieving the loss of Alex too, when we would visit our parents house Gronk would search around Alex’s car for any sign of him. I know that he missed him. We all do.

Gronk was a ‘shared dog’ he belonged to Alex and his housemate Phil, they were both equally involved with Gronk, he had a good life in their home.

Gronk lost Alex, and then Phil offered me the opportunity to own Gronk I jumped at the chance, Alex loved that dopey dog! There was a lot of upheaval for him, he had lost one owner, then a second one, he moved houses and then began settling in. he had a great big yard, a new kelpie x mastiff companion named Marcy, new owners and a routine, he was starting to calm down and was learning new commands and tricks.

The day following the incident Gronk was taken to the pound, I was asked to either surrender him for ‘destruction’ or to face charges and require to appear in court to attend to the matter. I of course elected the latter! I will wear the fines but It doesn’t feel appropriate to surrender the life of an animal that has not hurt anyone.

I just want to see him, I want him home. We all do. Why couldn’t Gronk be home with his family while we deal with this matter through the appropriate legal avenues? If there is a real reason he should be locked in a cage, Why shouldn’t we be able to visit him?

Everyday someone has to be at the pound to feed, water and clean up –  we should be able to arrange with the shires employees to see him when they are already going to be there?

He is alone in the pound, with no idea why his family has just been abandoning him, why haven’t they visited him?

I just want to see him, tell him we love him, and reassure him he has not been forgotten.

This is unnecessary cruelty at the hands of the Gilgandra shire pound, no animal should be knowingly put into a position where their mental health should suffer, particularly when the history of the dog was known before this incident. Gronk had already been through a lot, he is surely suffering now – he hasn’t seen his family in 175 days!

By signing this petition you are showing your support, Supporting that Gronk should be at home while we are dealing with the legalities, not sitting in a cell with no visitors and no idea what he has done to deserve this horrible fate. Even murderers and rapists get visitors!

You are saying that animals should be treated with respect and that you are not happy with how Gronk is being treated. ]

The Sorensen family would like to thank you for your support and we will keep you updated on our progress.


This petition made change with 4,419 supporters!