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Countless people leave dogs chained 24/7, some without food & water, some get tangled & die, many perish in the ice & snow, and blistering heat of summer. 

Today (7-25-18)The globe police department and Gila County Animal Control Failed a dog. They were called for a dog in the blistering heat on a chain at 7:00am NO water, NO food and NO shade in sight () the animal control officer(s) decided there was zero cause for concern. Later its posted at 2:10pm with a photo that the dog had died! Animal Controls claims it was an "unforeseen Accident" 

"unforeseen" adj
not seen or known beforehand; unanticipated"

This was NOT and unforeseen accident this was 100% preventable and Animal Control Failed! 

Chaining of dogs in Globe Arizona is a big issue and concern of many residents. Some people say not being able to chain their dog is an inconvenience. Having a dog is an elective CHOICE Please spare a moment to sign, to end a LIFETIME of suffering for chained dogs! We must face this reality & identify this as unacceptable for our culture, in order to improve the standard of living for dogs. We must stand up & be a voice for the voiceless!



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