Save Haars Drive-In Movie Theater

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Haar's drive-in movie theater has been around since 1953 and means so much to so many here in Central Pennsylvania. This is one of the few drive-in theaters in the state and even on the east coast. So many people have gotten to enjoy the classical fun of sitting in their cars or trucks and watching movies with friends and families. This is a historical place full of so many memories and fond times. But the land that they are on is owned by the Giant Food Stores which is adjacent to their property. They now want to sell the land for profit forcing Haar's out of business. We cannot allow this to happen if we lose this place we will all lose a little bit of history and something special. Please feel free to share this and pass it around we need to show Giant that Haars means more than just the property it is on. #HelpSaveHaars 


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