"Keep the Cup Clean" and recall the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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Soccer fans, human rights advocates, and people of simple good-will all around the world are shaking their heads over Qatar’s selection as the host for the 2022 World Cup. To allow the world’s biggest sporting event to take place in Qatar is to turn a blind eye to the country’s systematic abuse and exploitation of over one million migrant workers that has been referred to as "modern slavery." If the Cup stays in Qatar, one million more workers will be subjected to inhumane conditions for the construction of the stadium, and thousands more will die on the job. Other questionable practices in Qatar include its suppression of religious freedom, its support to political militant groups in the Middle East and its attempt to buy respectability through high-profile investments and pseudo-philanthropy. 

Qatar’s human rights policies have failed to develop along with its rise in the world. “Keep the Cup Clean” is a movement to prevent the indentured servitude of another million workers in Qatar, while advocating for the human rights of the marginalized living in the world’s richest country. Qatar is undeserving of the honor of hosting the 2022 World Cup – we are asking the world to Keep the Cup Clean and recall the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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Credit: photo by Karen Blumberg