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Save Nallagandla Park from GHMC's illegal dumpyard

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The Rock garden is designated as Park and as lung space for Nallagandla area. But from last few years GHMC, Hyderabad is using the park as waste segregation/ transfer site. This segregation/transfer site has been moved from one place to another in the area since the last several years. However, in the last two years, the situation has worsened with pollution and stench caused by huge load of waste dumped on the site on daily basis. We had been protesting to the GHMC since years now by creating tickets and submitting petitions. GHMC officials kept on responding from years that it is a temporary segregation/transition unit and a new place for are being finalized. However, there is no indication as to when waste dumping on this park would be stopped; indicating that moving this segregation unit is not a priority for GHMC even at the expense of the health concerns of 8000-10000 families living in the vicinity. This waste storage site is illegal and is a violation of basic principles of municipal health administration.

 We would like to bring to notice that:

  1. HMDA e-auctioning of the Nallagandla in June 2010 clearly states that the Rock garden is designated to be used as a park. Such land use of the 12-acre as a park has been legally notified in the HUDA e-auctioning document.
  2. While it is maintained as temporary measure from last several years, there is no detail provided regarding timelines on when waste dumping on this park would be stopped and park to be established.
  3. Waste transition station standards according to MSW guidelines have been clearly violated. Current location is in the middle of residential layout, surrounded by residential communities, hospitals and schools. To impress upon the sensitivity, there are 5-6 schools nearby with few schools being within a radius of 200 meters from the location.
  4. Disease profile of this area due to insanitary conditions is undergoing change for the worse. With warnings of thyroid, respiratory diseases, allergies and various other diseases spreading in this area, this waste dump is inviting an epidemic to happen very soon.
  5. Ubiquitous leachates are visible, slowly and steadily entering nearby surface and ground water sources, in-turn polluting the water table with heavy and rare metal from lithium batteries and e-waste.
  6. People with asthma and other bronchial problems and children in nearby schools or locality are finding this atmosphere suffocating and difficult to breathe in this polluted air and unbearable stench.
  7. Accidental/deliberate fires and waste dump are spreading smoke, fly ash particles, and hazardous gases, dioxins and furans

We have brought these conditions to the attention of GHMC officials through various means, such as tickets, petitions and personal meetings, but to no avail. In this regard, we request GHMC to please take following actions immediately in the interest of the residents:

  1. Stop dumping waste in the Rock Garden area of HUDA layout at Nallagandla, with immediate effect and shift the garbage piles to identified and notified waste sites.
  2. Undertake an environmental impact study to assess pollution of air, water (surface and ground water) and soil, through Telangana State Pollution Control Board.
  3. Initiate a health impact study on the local population due of this waste transition/segregation unit.
  4. Order an inquiry into the encroachment of the park and violation of waste site establishment procedures and fix liability of relevant officials for risking health of children, pregnant women, old and other people.
  5. Initiate environmental remediation measures to bring back the local environment into normal situation and also devise a compensation mechanism for seriously affected families.


Nallagandla Residents, schools, hospitals and local businesses

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