No House Tax to GNN - We demand Civic Facilities for Rajnagar Extension & Ganga Jal Supply

No House Tax to GNN - We demand Civic Facilities for Rajnagar Extension & Ganga Jal Supply

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We, the Flat/House owners of Rajnagar Extension refuse to pay House Tax as demanded by Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) until GNN provides us civic facilities in Rajnagar Extension along with Ganga Jal Supply

From Past 10 years, we are waiting for GNN to takeover the area from Ghaziabad Development Authority but GNN is not agreeing to it. Flat/House owners of Rajnagar Extension are leaving without basic civic facilities like Water Supply (using ground water from past 10 years), Solid Waste Management, Public Health, Cattle pounds, Central Park, Community Centre, Educational facilities provided through Govt. And leave aside any scope for ‘promotion of cultural,
educational and aesthetic aspects'.

As per Niti Aayog Website, following is the works of GNN for a urban city area and Rajnagar Extension has ZERO development done by GNN. 

The traditional role of municipal bodies had been one of providing basic amenities of civic life. Services such as water supply and sanitation, roads
and drains, street-lights, collection and disposal of solid waste, maintenance of public places, burial grounds and crematoria, cattle pounds, registration
of births and deaths, maintenance of markets have long been seen as the function of municipal bodies. In addition, they performed certain regulatory functions relating construction of buildings, public
health areas such as eating places, slaughter houses and tanneries, etc. The 74th Constitutional Amendment has substantially broadened the range of functions to be performed by the elected urban local bodies (ULBs). The Twelfth Schedule brings into the
municipal domain among others such areas such as urban and town planning, regulation of land-use,
planning for economic and social development, ‘safeguarding the interests of weaker sections of
society including the handicapped and mentally retarded,’ slum improvement and upgradation, urban poverty alleviation, and ‘promotion of cultural,
educational and aesthetic aspects’. The subject of ‘cattle pounds’ has been extended in the Twelfth Schedule to include ‘prevention of cruelty to animals’. The Constitution thus envisages urban local bodies as being totally responsible for all aspects of development, civic services, and environment in the cities, going far beyond the traditional role.

We request GNN chairperson Smt. Asha Sharma, our MLA Sunil Kumar Sharma, our MP Gen. VK Singh and finally to our beloved chief minister Yogi Adityanath ji to intervene and complete handover of Rajnagar Extension by Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam from Ghaziabad Development Authority. Further, pls provide us all the civic facilities along with Ganga Jal Supply otherwise due to continuous extraction of ground water, we are looking at a catastrophic to happen.

With folded hand and with all due respect, would like to say that we will not be able to pay house tax to Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam until our demands for basic human rights not met. 

Pls help us. 

Thank you. 


Rajnagar Extension Residents Association

Mob - 9910350999