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Get YouTube to remove "Restricted" status from Demolition Ranch and Vet Ranch

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Most of the videos on the channels run by Matt Carriker on YouTube were unjustifiably added to the list of "Restricted" uploads. This means that the educational and wholesome videos generated by those channels are no longer accessible to a significant portion of the population. The addition of the videos to the restricted list was made regardless of the actual content of the videos, many videos which contained no content that was even remotely questionable were blocked. Several other channels and videos which regularly include similar content are unrestricted; even channels with much more adult content, such as swearing, sexual references, and actual violence, are not restricted.

Additionally, on the Vet Ranch channel, the video revenue goes directly to the operations of the vet clinic. The clinic takes in homeless animals and animals who are set to be euthanized at other shelters and does everything necessary to get those animals adopted. The Vet Ranch team has won Humane Society awards for their efforts. Any restriction of the videos will decrease the amount of money that the clinic is able to use to support the needy dogs and cats in their area

At best, this is a significant injustice and must be brought to the attention of YouTube as soon as possible. At worst, this is a deliberate act of censorship. To check out the channels which suffer from this, visit these links. Although if you're on restricted mode, you won't be able to see most of the videos.

Demolition Ranch:

Vet Ranch:

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