Royal Commission into Government Corruption in Canberra.

Royal Commission into Government Corruption in Canberra.

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Royal Commission into Government Corruption, abuse of power, lies, mismanagement and abuse of pubic privileges and funds:

Based in recent polls the general Australian public agrees that currently, we have the most ignorant and corrupt government in place. They are focussed on lining their own pockets, benefiting from public funding, abuse their power, spending exuberant amounts of funds for unjustified reasons, essentially privatising public funds to benefit their own selfish needs.

This needs to stop. Our economy is at an all-time low, highest unemployment rates on more than a decade, increasing suicidal rates due to economic and poor well being. Australia is burning and no one is listening. The states have recognised the issue in climate change yet federal ignores the warnings. It is very obvious why! The federal government, predominantly those in leadership are benefitting from ignorance.  

Our legal system requires 7 years of financial and other data to be stored. I, and I am sure I am not alone in this request, would like to see an independent inquiry in the form of a Royal Commission into this mismanagement, into how “mates” are getting contracts, how families and friends are indirectly benefiting from certain members in parliament. The manipulation of the media, misinformation, and blatant misdirection to divert attention from the real issues needs to be addressed. Those people need to be held accountable. If found guilty those individuals/parties/groups/beneficiaries need to pay back those losses or unjust gains to the public purse, their public privileges need to be revoked and should be treated as the criminal activities that they are. Some of these are theft, some are fraudulent, some could even be seen as treason.

Bottom line is; for too long our politicians have been wiping the consequences of their incompetence and mismanagement under the carpet, diverting attention by "he said, she said" and "finger-pointing" type of arguments (also known as kindergarten politics" to avoid persecution, make up petty unacceptable excuses like “a formal apology letter”, “being on the sauce”, "falling on the sword" (but still getting the benefits), blaming and pointing fingers to avoid a scandal.....the list goes on.

Let’s be honest. The last 10 plus years in Australia has been a shamble of scandals, with no real progress or action. It has been more of the same - backstabbing, empty promises and a lack of understanding with what Australia needs. Our politicians are getting richer, their friends are as well. Nothing significant has been done by anyone in Canberra. The recent messages and warnings by members of parliament reverting to almost tyrannic tactics to those who oppose them, coincidentally are also evidence of a descending democracy being chipped away from the inside out, top-down, stripping a beautiful culture of camaraderie and "mateship" into one of mistrust, opposition and lack of spine. We are over-regulated and to quote the annals of Rome by Tacticus:

“The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.”

To quote another great philosopher George Orwell:

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims, but accomplices.”

Another very relevant quote summarising our current climate also by Orwell:

"Political language – and with variations, this is true of all political parties, from Conservatives to Anarchists – is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind."

Does this sound familiar?? What about:

 “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”.

These quotes above summerise the current political climate in Australia.

Have a look at this BBC documentary on how Democracy under the right conditions can lead to tyranny. This particular one was about the rise of Donald Trump and what’s happening to democratic systems across the globe. It’s not a prediction but serves as a realistic warning! Having said that; it is worth pointing out that the Rome Empire fell under the very same conditions as is practised in Canberra today. Ceasar was literally backstabbed; how much can we see of this in our political system? More than once, that's a fact! The Roman senate and later the entire empire fell due to the corruption - all behaviours that are very pertinent and evident in Canberra because of complacency, lack of leadership and a political system that is outdated, but serves those groomed from within very very well. But only them. Are we so ignorant to think that will not happen to us? Are we that numb that we think the problem will fix itself, will we not learn from what history, time and time again has taught us? Compare the langue used recently by Mr Morrison and Mr Dutton to those who share a different point of view compared to the warnings in the short documentary below (and also perhaps Stalin, Hitler and Trump):

It’s time for us, and by us the responsibility of ALL Australian, to get informed from relevant credible sources and not from opinions held by those who have a media platform not credible to promote such opinion (like Alan Jones for example) as fact, lacking the relevant experience to advocate such opinion. Let’s not forget; opinions and facts are two very different things.

We get the leaders we deserve. If we don’t act on it we are accomplices! This is a desperate call for Australians, Conservative and Liberal, Left and Right, from all corners of the earth with diverse opinions and point of view to stand together, get informed. Be brave and don’t vote for popularity, get to know the person you are voting for. Acknowledge that you may not agree with everything, but look at the bigger picture and understand and believe and be informed how the chosen leaders will serve all of Australia. Realise that voting for the wrong person is as good as asking a generator to perform a heart transplant on the person you love most in this world! 

Let’s fight for the better for the whole of Australia, left-right, green, indigenous, it doesn’t matter because the current politicians running the country will not! We aren’t asking for re-election, we are just asking for accountability, transparency, and justice, and asking for an inquisition in the form of a Royal Commission to look into their actions of the last 7 years, all active and non-active MP's, all ties to corporations, institutions, family members and mates who are robbing Australia. We also ask that we as a nation stand together and ask that instead of following corrupt individuals in power (because its the devil you know rather the devil you don't and because of a lack of choice) who benefit from a divisive and uninformed Australia, to rise up, set that aside some differences in viewpoint or opinion and and fight together for an Australia that we all deserve. 

The main question I am trying to answer is also this. Why is the Federal Government afraid of this? 

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