Get Twitter & Facebook to un-verify Flat Earth Society!

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Hello everyone,


My name is Chanakya Ramdev. I’m starting this petition to get Twitter and Facebook to un-verify conspiracy theory organizations that promote hoaxes like Flat Earth and Anti-Vaxx. 


Yes, you read that right. Facebook and Twitter have given verification status (checkmark) to organizations like the Flat Earth Society.


Verification/checkmark boosts credibility. It shows up next to every post/tweet. Twitter and Facebook are giving equal credibility to organizations like Flat Earth Society as they do to journalists and reporters. I don't think that is okay. It shouldn't be okay. 


There is already a war on facts. People already doubt science. Drop by drop, democracy is already dripping down the drain. We should be fighting for facts. We should be fighting against these hoaxes. We shouldn't be boosting them with verification. 


Gullible people are either getting scammed or worse losing their lives. Facebook and Twitter should stop providing a platform to these hoaxes. At the very least, Facebook and Twitter shouldn't verify these hoaxes and boost their credibility!


Our ask is very simple. Un-verify Flat Earth Society. If you feel the same way as I do then I request you to please share this petition. Everywhere. Thank you.


Sidenote, Flat Earthers have Flat Balls and People who don't debunk them have No Balls.


Chanakya Ramdev

Founder, Sweat Free

Engineering, University of Waterloo

"Be The Change You Want To See In This World" ~ Mahatma Gandhi