Get the witch starter kit of PINROSE and Sephora off the shelves

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PINROSE decided to make a witch starter kit and Sephora is going to sell it.

This is basically wrong in so many ways, it includes a tarot set, roze quartz, white sage and some oils.

First of all, white sage is a protected and a sacred plant and you can't just start mass productions with it.

Second of all, random people will start buying this since it's being sold by a make up company. Which is pretty dangerous since you need to do research before starting practicing in whitchcraft, so they're basically endangering young hipsters their lives for they don't know what to do and how it all works.

Third of all, witchcraft and paganism is a centuries old culture and everyone in it has their own serious way/craft, they are basically disrespecting believes. I mean why isn't there a Christian starter kit, a Satanism  starter kit or a Hinduism starter kit? Because apparently they though witchcraft was hipster and tumblr enough to start making it a trend.

Anyways, this is just wrong in many ways.

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