Get the Nigerian Gvmt to stop the Emergency Travel Certificate requirement for Nigerians

Get the Nigerian Gvmt to stop the Emergency Travel Certificate requirement for Nigerians

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Started by Kehinde Somoye

Nigerian government currently requires her citizens whose international passport have expired to obtain an Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC) in order to travel to Nigeria.

For the ETC, the Nig gvmt charges $150. It's a one page printed document, good for a single journey and valid for only 6 weeks.

For the Passport, the Nig gvmt charges $77 for minors and seniors over 60 years old and charges $106 for others. The Passport has 32 or 64 pages ($137 for 64 pages) and valid for 5 years. 

Nig Passport processing backlog is more than 2 years. Access to processing facilities (consulates and embassies outside of Nigeria) is too burdensome for most. Requiring the one-page ETC at cost of $150 while the 32 page,  5-year Passport cost only $77 or $106 is unconscionable. Additionally some citizens with expired passports may be in dire situation to travel to Nigeria, may be facing risk of overstaying their visas, homelessness in foreign land or may be financially handicapped to afford $150 to return to one's country (for US passport holders, visa fees to Nigeria is $160.00). ETC and the cost is tantamount to charging Nigerians with expired Nigerian passport "visa" fees to return to one's country. 

The Nigerian government should scrap the ETC requirement. Let Nigerians worry about finding a direct flight to Nigeria or satisfying the requirements of the country of their connecting flight. Nigeria should not be the country throwing obstacles in the path of Nigerians who may be in precarious situations abroad and need to return home. 

Millions of Nigerians will be relieved if the ETC is scrapped or perhaps issued at minimal cost of about $5 to $10. Many Nigerians in difficult situations abroad cannot afford the $150 and are being prevented from returning to Nigeria by the Nigerian goverment, a government that ordinarily should be assisting her citizens to return home. Charging $150 (even for minors) for one-page, one-trip ETC, while charging as low as $77 for 5-year passport is unconscionable. Charging $150 to a citizen who will still have to pay to renew the expired passport is unsconscionable. 

126 have signed. Let’s get to 200!