Get the Daily Mail article ‘Addicted to being sad’ removed!!!

Get the Daily Mail article ‘Addicted to being sad’ removed!!!

11 September 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Collette Henderson

I woke up to a link from a friend of mine to an extremely offensive article surrounding invisible illness posted by the Daily Mail.

I am in shock that it was allowed to be used and published, and like many deeply upset by the claims made.

This article had used photographs of young people in a state of upset or extreme pain, that they had posted to their own online platforms, without permission, and with absolutely zero disregard or respect for their well being.

They had branded, young women and teenage girls specifically, as liars, attention seekers and stating many are in nothing but competition to one another for tik tok likes, while manipulating their doctors into getting the diagnosis they wanted.

It questions peoples motives on diagnosis, like ‘keeping you away from a job you hate, or from responsibilities you do not want to do.

I can not even begin to explain how damaging these claims are.

In particular, to many’s disgust, MS, Chrons & PCOS have been mentioned and branded as ‘a social media movement’.

To many of the chronically ill community, social media is their safe place to discuss how they feel, while meeting people who have gone through their pain, understand them, and make them feel like they are no longer alone. It also empowers people to fight for their rights as a disabled person and raise much needed awareness.

The impact this article could have on someone who is already feeling isolated and in extreme pain is terrifying.

I, for one, am devastated.

I call for action.

Not only to get this awful article removed, but for an apology. 

This article has no facts, no statistics and absolutely no reason to be in view. It is crushing for those whose lives have been ruined due to the lack of awareness and stigma surrounding invisible and chronic illness.

Please join me and sign this petition, share it far and wide.

Thank you x






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Signatures: 327Next Goal: 500
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