Get The Chickenhall Lane Link Road Moving

This petition asks the leaders of Eastleigh Borough Council, Solent LEP and Hampshire County Council as well as the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Minister of Transport to get the Chickenhall Lane Link Road built – as soon as possible.

After many, many years, the Chickenhall Lane Link Road may finally become reality.  This will connect Chickenhall Lane with roads linking to M27. Eastleigh's Action Against Destructive Development (ADD) campaign is all for this road being built – it will unlock brownfield sites for development, both business and residential, boosting our local economy. It is the only road that could be built locally that has the potential to actually address current air quality and congestion issues in central Eastleigh and on Bishopstoke Road. Access for the industrial estate will no longer have to be via Eastleigh town centre, contributing to that permanent traffic jam on Bishopstoke Road. Traffic from Bishopstoke and Fair Oak heading south will no longer have to go through Eastleigh town centre. Locally, we may finally reap the full economic benefits from having Southampton’s airport in Eastleigh.

We are concerned that the Chickenhall Lane Link Road proposition is being used primarily by some local politicians as a mechanism to score points against opponents. There seems to be much more talk than action.  

Find out more about the ADD campaign and get in touch via our website and Facebook where we are Action Against Destructive Development: Bishopstoke.  

Many thanks for your support.

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Leader of Eastleigh Borough Council
    Councillor Keith House
  • Chair of Solent LEP
    Gary Jeffries
  • Leader of Hampshire County Council
    Councillor Roy Perry
  • Treasury
    Philip Hammond
  • Department of Transport
    Chris grayling

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