Get the abysmal YRT practices brought to city council

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The YRT is abysmally slow, prone to dismissing customers issues and concerns, and tends to show a general lack of care towards its passengers.

myself and many other citizens of the vaughan region have become fed up with the constant lates, constant dismissal by bus drivers of concerns, constant rebuffs when asked for receiving their bus # to file a customer complaint, and general lack of care displayed by bus drivers towards riders reaching their destination in a prompt and timely manner.

i have heard stories as well as personally seen the effects of this.
i have heard from some of waiting upwards of an hour and a half for a bus, i have personally witnessed drivers stop at stops and have 25 minute chats with other yrt employees despite passengers expressing concerns of missing work and being late.

Something needs to be done, this is the *only* form of public transportation viable in some areas of Vaughan and the York Region, and as such we should not be exposed to these sorts of conditions, to having to pay double fares because drivers can't do their jobs and be on time, or to have to argue that transfers are no longer valid because of driver error, not passenger misconduct.

its time we took a stance against the YRT, its time something was done. 

we need practical busses that run on 15-40 minute schedules, not hourly busses, we need routes that run more frequently and on off days like sundays, as some people are flat out stranded in their area until monday rolls around.

we need the YRT to focus on the passenger, not the profit.


My aim with this petition is to get enough signatures that the region of vaughan, region of york, and the YRT itself, has no choice but to acknowledge the suffering of us passengers, and fix their blatant lack of care towards us.