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Get the A6-M60 Bypass built: save Stockport’s eastern communities from dangerous traffic

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Stockport Council decided in 2017 to go ahead with a bid for up to £500 million from the Government to build the four-mile A6 to M60 Bypass. As of August 2019 they still do not have the funds secured.

The dual-carriageway is vital to remove choking traffic from the Stockport commities of Bredbury, Romiley and Hazel Grove whilst causing only minor environmental impact in the Lower Goyt Valley.

Along Stockport Road, Bents Lane, Barrack Hill, Otterspool Road, Dooley Lane, Marple Road and Torkington Road the residents’ quality of life will improve massively by the removal of the noise, disturbance, visual intrusion and pollution from their communities.

The roads above are plagued by congestion and were never designed to carry the traffic they do now. The A6017 has had the dubious honour of being the fourth most congested road in all of ENGLAND outside London.  Average speeds of barely 7mph during rush hour and all the time the communities along it are suffering from noise, fumes and inconvenience.  Consider school children walking to the local schools?  They are ALL affected by this.  This cannot be right!  

And worse still, the Greater Manchester Spacial Framework has just been published showing 4,000 new homes to be built just off the A6 in High Lane, many of whom will want to reach the M60 in the future, and a doubling in size of Bredbury Industrial Estate attracting more traffic into Bredbury - without the new bypass road, these proposals will flood (even more) traffic on to the roads in Bredbury and Marple

Yet many selfish environmentalists are trying to block the bypass on environmental impact on a small slice of the Goyt Valley and other locations to satisfy their selfish needs - what about the thousands of people living in the badly affected areas along the current A627/A6017 route desperately need this bypass?  We have very little time left to stop these people from encouraging the council to vote down this much needed road.  This is our last chance to get this "70 years in the planning" road built!  Please sign this petition and ask your friends to add their support.