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Get Smart in Washington


Our desire is to have an audience with President and Mrs. Obama and the members of Congress to discuss real solutions to issues facing our children today.

We at the Elizabeth Smart Foundation, and countless advocates for child safety law, are tired of Washington playing politics with our children.

Politicians are cutting funding for the “Internet Crimes Against Children” Task force. This program has been instrumental in arresting and convicting child pornographers, preventing the online enticement of children, and stopping the child sex tourism industry. The programs they currently fund to educate our children on safety issues are not working. It’s time we replace the “feel good” programs of “stranger danger” with a new educational approach to child safety law that empowers our children to protect themselves.


(1) radKIDS: to have this curriculum added to our public school system.

(2) to fund the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force to stop online child victimization and child pornography.

(3) To stop calling our kids “priceless”. That’s another way of saying since we can’t put a price tag on their safety and well-being, then we will not allocate any money to protect them.

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