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This petition is being created to bring to highlight the unacceptable actions these two named celebrities have done.

This starts with Saranga Disasekara acting and playing a role as blackface in a local teledrama, "Lansupathiniyo". Whilst majority have tried to communicate with them to clearly explain and educate on why they are wrong. They have repeatedly refused to listen and have instead resorted to ignorance and cyber-bullying. 

Saranga Disasekara has exposed a girl's identity on Instagram because she voiced her opinion about this issue privately to him. He has put her profile on blast, asking for "details" about the girl from his roughly 450k following base. 

The girl then privately apologized for doing so and requested him to take it down because of the hate she is receiving but he has entirely refused and has resorted to black mailing her.

It isn’t just her, both Saranga and Dinakshie have done the same to multiple girls. Dinakshie Priyasad had asked her following for 800k to report a young Sri Lankan MUA, blandly accusing the girl of "cyber-bullying". Soon after multiple reports the girl's account got taken down. Keep in mind that the girl did not send any hate towards Dinaksie & Saranga.

After backlash on twitter, they have now both deleted their Instagram accounts. Without releasing a statement to the public or to those girls for their behaviour. The couple, Saranga and Dinakshie have played equal roles in this atrocious behavior. We need to have them publicly apologize to these girls. There are so many red flags and this is just one of many!

This is a representation of celebrities in Sri Lanka and their arrogance. Even after  having being approached politely about the issue, Saranga and Dinakshie resort to unprofessional behaviour and ignorance. There's only so much the general public can do to educate A-list celebrities of Sri Lanka. It's time we held our celebrities accountable for their mistakes.