Deliever the Shein packages stuck at customs ASAP !!

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The Chinese App called Shein has been banned in India along with 59 other Chinese apps. The issue here is the consumers are suffering most as they have already Paid for their Orders whilst undergoing pandemic crisis. Orders may consist of items of high importance, or have been ordered for an important Occasion.

Shein has shipped the orders but they are stuck at Indian Customs. We request the release of all packages ordered before the app was banned in India. As soon as possible.

Items on Shein were affordable for the customers & had a wide variety of options which are usually sold out or unavailable in the current Market. Lot of the buyers on Shein consist of girls shopping with the money they save after hard work.

This petition is to request the approval for delivery of items that were ordered before the 29th of June, 2020 on Shein app.

This petition is not in support of the chinese app or any thing related to China. We do not wish to overstep or change the decision made by the Government of India. We respect our leaders and their choices. We just request the delivery of pending packages. We understand the situation is critical between countries & do not wish to cause panic or discomfort to the nation.

This is not an act of violence or disobedience or disorderly conduct. We hope our request is taken under consideration & isn’t in any way disturbing the ongoing situation.

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