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The General Fund of the Commonwealth is over 8 billion dollars annually, we call on Governor Beshear, Treasurer Hollenbach, and the Kentucky Legislature to reinvest the General Fund and all other Kentucky funds, into a bank that is headquartered in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Banks lend idle funds and by investing our public funds within the state of Kentucky the availability of credit in Kentucky will spur new investment in the state, providing much-needed jobs to our citizens and keeping our funds away from unethical and untrsustworthy institutions like JP Morgan Chase, which helped contribute to the financial collapse of 2008.

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Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Kentucky Todd Hollenbach
Kentucky State House
Kentucky State Senate
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Kentucky Governor
I just signed the following petition to Governor Beshear, Treasurer Hollenbach, and the Kentucky Legislature.


Move Kentucky's Public Funds out of JP Morgan Chase and into a bank headquartered in Kentucky.

Kentucky's public funds should be invested in the state of Kentucky. Banks lend idle funds, and Kentucky's public funds, if they were located here in the Commonwealth, could be used by our local and state-wide banks to provide loans to Kentucky small businesses, prospective homeowners, and entrepreneurs that wish to create new jobs or expand their existing businesses here in the Commonwealth. In solidarity with Occupy Lexington, we demand that our tax dollars are taken out of Too Big To Fail banks like Chase and placed in a financial institution that will Invest in Kentucky!


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